About Us

Firstly, let us thank you for visiting our site. We know there are millions of other sites you could have visited and are humbled that you chose to visit us.

Can-Dogs.com is the brainchild of two passionate dogs lovers and owners, Jemma & Callum.

Fed up of having to visit different articles and websites all over the internet most of which often didn’t even answer the specific question we were asking in the first place we thought there had to be a better way.

A few drinks with friends and some YouTube videos later and can-dogs.com was formed.

All our articles are researched and written by experienced professionals with the express instruction to make sure they answer the question clearly and concisely. 

Never being ones to do things by half we hope to eventually put together thousands of articles to help you, the dog lover like us, get the answers you need when you need them

How are we funded?

Our site is funded using both adverts and something called ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

The adverts displayed on and around our page help to produce a small revenue that allows us to purchase more content and ultimately answer more questions. 

 Affiliate marking is a commission we earn when somebody visiting our site clicks through to a marketplace such as Chewy’s or Amazon to make a purchase. It’s basically a way for the sites to say thank you to us for suggesting one of their products. Using these links comes at absolutely no extra cost to yourself and really does help us out immensely.

I’d like a question answered

Have a question that you would like us to answer for you? Please head over to the ‘Contact Us‘ page and type in your question. We promise to answer your question with an article within 7days.