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How Long Can Dogs Stay Alone at Home?


We all love our dogs, but sometimes we have to leave them alone in the house. That causes a lot of worry and panic for many dog owners. Although dogs are wild creatures that can fend for themselves, it doesn’t stop owners from fearing the worst. 

Whether you have an emergency, need to visit friends and family, or need to get outside – this article will give you a guide on how long dogs can stay home alone.

How Long Can Dogs Stay Alone at Home?

There are many variables when answering this question, but a general rule is to leave the dog alone for as little time as possible. Of course, we all have lives to live, but dogs can become distressed if they are alone for periods. 

One of the biggest factors is the age of the dog. Let’s look at some different ages and a rough guide for each age.

Puppies - 2 hours per day

Owners often find it distressing to leave their puppies alone in the house, and it can be upsetting to see your puppy cry as you leave the house. However, this is a crucial age for getting your dog comfortable with being alone.

A general rule is to leave the puppy alone for 2 hours maximum per day, which will prevent them from getting separation and anxiety and train them to be alone. If you leave them alone for hours, it might cause separation anxiety and distress the puppy.

Adult dogs - 4 to 6 hours per day

As your puppy turns into an adult dog, you can leave them alone for 4-6 hours per day on average. If you left the dog alone when it was a puppy, it would have trained itself to fall asleep when you’re out of the house. 

If you didn’t leave them alone as a puppy, it might take some time for the adult to get accustomed to being alone. It would be best to gradually increase separation time over a period instead of leaving them alone suddenly. 

Elderly dog - 2 to 6 hours per day

We all love our veteran dogs, but sometimes they don’t like being left alone. If you’ve always left the dog alone, then there should be no issues leaving the dog for 2-6 hours per day. But when the dog gets older, they need more care and attention.

The dogs need to pee more often, and health issues can be a problem. So make sure you evaluate your dogs’ health before deciding how long to keep them alone. 

How Long Can Dogs Stay Alone at Home?

Things to consider when leaving your dog alone:

Create the right environment for your dog

Ensure you have left adequate food and drink for the animal, making the time alone more comfortable for your dog. Furthermore, you should get the dog in the habit of using the potty when you’re out of the house – this will create good habits and prevent them from pooping on your new carpet.

Check the dog’s health conditions

It’s imperative to understand your animal’s health before choosing how long to keep them alone. If the dog has underlying health issues, they may need extra care, which should affect the time they are left alone. 

Give the dog exercise or treats when you get home

It’s a great idea to give your dog a walk after leaving them alone in the house. That will make the dog more comfortable, tired, and content, but more importantly, it will relax them in the future when you leave the house.

If they know they will get a walk or some treats when you come home – they are more likely to be comfortable with being alone. 


Leaving your pet dog is a tough proposition, but your dog will become comfortable with it over time. There are breeds of dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Great Pyrenees, and Akitas, which are more comfortable being alone. However, any breed of dog will become accustomed to being alone eventually. 

As long as you train the dogs to be alone when they are puppies, the dog shouldn’t be prone to separation anxiety as they grow up. It’s entirely possible to continue your life and have a happy pet dog if you follow this article’s guidelines.

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