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How To Treat Your Dog’s Ear Infection From Home

How to Treat Your Dog’s Ear Infection From Home:

There is nothing worse than seeing your dog in pain with an ear infection. Your dog’s ears might be smelly, sticky, itchy, and irritable. And you must help your dog overcome this. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom because you can treat your dog’s ear infection from the comfort of your home. There are a variety of remedies that are fantastic for easing your dog’s plight. 

Ear infections are frustrating and annoying – but this article will answer the crucial question of how can I treat my dog’s ear infection at home?

Does my dog have an ear infection?

The first thing you must establish is whether your dog has an ear infection. There are various symptoms, including scratching the ear, red ears, cauliflower ears, regular head shaking, and your dog’s head tilted to the side. 

How to Treat Your Dog's Ear Infection From Home

How do I treat an ear infection?

There are so many ways to treat your dog’s ear infection. Here are some great ways from the comfort of your home. 

Apple cider vinegar

Many vets recommend apple cider vinegar as a cleanser and antibacterial agent to soothe your dog’s ear infection. Apple cider vinegar includes acetic acid, which is inside many ear cleaning products. 

A great way to apply the apple cider vinegar is with a cotton bud; gently apply it into the infected area. However, the vinegar can sting the dog’s ear infection – so it’s best to use it sparingly. 

Green Tea

Various natural remedies are superb for treating your dog’s ear infection at home. A popular natural remedy is green tea, and you can make this at home without going to a pharmacy. 

You should apply this with a syringe or sponge. All you need to do is add a couple of green tea bags into boiling water, which you would let cool down to room temperature. Then apply a small amount to the dog’s ear, and it should work wonders. 

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a controversial technique, but many vets think it is extremely effective. The great benefit of hydrogen peroxide is you can get it from a pharmacist without a prescription. 

It can help to kill bacteria within the ear if mixed with water. You don’t need to use too much; just a few small drops should act as a great aid for your dog. And better still, you don’t need to visit a vet.


Many people have yogurts in their fridge, but most people don’t know yogurts are excellent at fighting bacteria. The yogurt has heaps of great bacteria that will directly fight against any infection inside the ear. 

If you have a syringe, then you should apply the yogurt gently into the dog’s ear. The yogurt should be unsweetened, so Greek yogurt is a fantastic option. 

Grapefruit seed

If you’re looking for a proven antiviral, anti-bacterial, natural ingredient, you should use grapefruit seed extract. This natural remedy is excellent for helping your dog’s ear infection.

The best way to apply this is by mixing 10 drops of grapefruit seed with water or aloe vera juice. You don’t need to apply much; just a few drops will aid your dog.

Coconut oil

Many people have coconut oil in their kitchen; it’s very healthy for the human body. But it’s also tremendously healthy for your dog’s ear infection. 

The best way to apply coconut oil to your dog’s ear is by placing two tablespoons of coconut oil into a saucepan with a couple of garlic cloves until the coconut oil becomes thin. After letting it cool down, you can place the oil inside your dog’s ear with a cotton swab. You don’t need much oil, just a small amount to quell the infection.


An ear infection is a pain for the owner, but a bigger pain for your dog. But it’s possible to treat your dog’s ear infection from home without the need to go to the vets. 

Ensure you monitor your dog’s ear infection to make sure it doesn’t manifest into anything worse. But be assured that you will help your dog massively with the home remedies in this article. 

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