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Where Can Dogs Sit In The Car?

Where Can Dogs Sit In The Car?

Whether you are taking your dog to the vet or simply taking them with you for a little quality ‘friendship time’ there is a question of safety. Where can dogs sit in the car, after all? As it turns out, with a little preparation there are a few options that are good for both you and your best friend.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss this subject in detail and both of you will soon be ready to start your adventure. Dogs can sit in the front or the back seat as long as you are prepared and we’ll give you some tips, as well as some doggy, do’s, and don’ts so that you can keep your journeys together safe.

Let’s talk about hitting the road with your fuzzy copilot!

Going Everywhere with your furry best friend

Taking your buddy with you is only natural. After all, it’s obvious that they really want to go! There are a few preparations that you should get in gear and some decisions to make. Will your dog be travelling in a crate, a doggy carrier, or solo?

The last can be dangerous but we know that you’re going to try it anyway so let’s focus on how to minimize the dangers there first.

A doggy safety belt is a good idea

A dog harness is a must and they come in 2 main varieties, those being a ‘standard’ harness which locks your dog into place and is best for well-behaved, older dogs and a ‘zipline’ harness, which gives a little movement while securing your furry friend. The zipline is a better fit if your dog is younger and/or still learning their manners.

Plush and Boots

If you are transporting a puppy, a plush crate that is just tall enough for them to peek over but not short enough for them to easily cross is a good idea. This lets your puppy travel in comfort while they get used to their surroundings. If you have a ‘boot’ section in your vehicle behind the back seats, you’ve also got another fine option.

By obtaining and securing a little convenient netting material, you can help to ensure that your dog doesn’t cross over into the back seat while giving them a good amount of room to room around. We should note, you want something that bolts because your dog WILL test the boundaries.

A happy medium between these two is a ‘doggy hammock; that fits in between the front and back seat but this is an option only for the most well-behaved of pooches and not a good idea with younger, restless dogs.

The back of the truck is not a safe spot

We know that you probably don’t want to hear this because your fuzzy friend loves the back of the truck, but is really not the safest place for them. Every year somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 dogs dies from being transported this way, according to the American Humane society.

No matter how safely you drive, you can’t account for strangers!

Now, that said, if you MUST transport your dog in the back of the truck then the safest way is to put them in a crate or doggy carrier that has been secured into place. The carrier is the preferred method as it is the safest.

Yes, it is not as much fun for your dog, but you can make it up to them once you get to where you are going.

Where Can Dogs Sit In The Car?

A few doggy do’s and don’ts

We’ll wind-up things with a few quick ‘doggy do’s and don’ts’ that you should keep in mind when you are traveling with your Barky-buddy:

  • Do Bring lots of water to keep your dog hydrated
  • Do Take lots of ‘rest stops’ to let your dog stretch and take care of other important ‘business’
  • Do Bring along a favorite toy or a blanket so that your buddy feels comfortable
  • Don’t let the air conditioner blow directly in doggy’s face, close the vent and crack a window if you like.
  • Don’t forget to disable the front airbag if your dog is traveling with you in the front seat
  • Don’t leave your buddy in a hot car, even a few minutes can be dangerous


Now that you’ve got some of the basics you are ready to take a few trips together. Just be sure that you’ve got your doggy harness and your wits about you and don’t forget those airbags if your dog is upfront. We wish you and your furry best friend ‘happy travels’!

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